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May one-time purchase Hit Boxes are available for a limited time!

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Our next giveaway - the Holiday Blaster Blowout!
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Our next giveaway - the Holiday Blaster Blowout!

Our next giveaway is ready to announce, and it's something special for the winter Holiday season.

While our most recent giveaways have featured a single hobby box and a single winner, the Holiday season is about spreading joy as far as possible, so instead of one prize for one winner, we are going to give away dozens of blaster boxes! 

For every subscription box we ship in the month of December 1st 2023, one in four will ship with a free blaster box at no charge.  That's one in every four boxes, not one in every four subscribers, so if you have a subscription to multiple boxes your chances of winning a blaster only go up!  If you opt for an early fulfilment of a December box, you can also win of course. 

As with prior giveaways, if you have a Multisport box your blaster will be for one of your subscribed sports.  Exact prizes will depend on availability and number of subscriber boxes, but we will only ship blasters or other retail multipack products with a minimum MSRP of $39 CAD.

You must have an active Hit Box subscription, but all sports and all tiers apply.  So pick your sport, pick your tier and pick your Hit Box subscription today!


7 comments on Our next giveaway - the Holiday Blaster Blowout!

  • Steven
    StevenDecember 01, 2023

    Getting back into collecting as my son has wanted to start collecting now.

  • Chris Mouser
    Chris MouserDecember 01, 2023

    Would be nice to win

  • Joshua Laurent
    Joshua Laurent December 19, 2023

    Would be nice to add to my collection how great for the opportunity much love

  • Bill Persinger
    Bill PersingerDecember 01, 2023

    Just started collecting

  • Rodney Clarke
    Rodney ClarkeOctober 23, 2023

    You guys are great . Would love to open a few Hit Boxes . Xmas ideas for the family . Hoping for a blaster box for my 12 yr old son.

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