Questions about Hit Boxes?

Hit boxes are our premium sports card subscription service.

What exactly are Hit Boxes?

Hit Boxes are a subscription service where you select a sport of your choice, a level of service, and a frequency. We deliver a selection of sealed packs to you accordingly!

What are the levels of service?

We offer four levels - Rookie, Veteran, All-Star and Hall of Fame. Check the blog each month for the current pack selection.

Rookie boxes are an inexpensive way to start collecting, which may include one or two retail packs depending on the sport in question. This is a great level for starting a collection or sharing your hobby with younger family members.

Vet boxes include only hobby packs, and no retail packs. You also receive a hobby accessory insert in each box.

All-Star boxes include hobby packs including select premium packs, two hobby accessories, and a guaranteed hit card!

Hall of Fame boxes are for big hit hunters, and include only premium packs, with no other add-ons. These boxes can include truly premium packs with retail prices of $100 or more.

We specifically avoid 'filler' packs from the junk wax era, and always strive to provide the kind of packs that we are excited to open ourselves!

What are the guaranteed hits?

Some other subscription boxes offer some sort of chase card or other 'premium' card but we go one step further. Each month we provide a selection of hand selected singles, sleeved in a top-loader or graded in a slab, with your All-Star Box.

What sets our hits apart is that they are actually hits! A set portion of the price of each All-Star box is set aside and allotted for the Hit pool. The pool is used to purchase that months hits, and we ensure that the hits packed in the All-Star Boxes aren't just a random patch or an autograph from a player who never played in the big leagues.

Your hit may be anything from a Hall of Fame vintage or rookie card, a patch, autograph, short print, or numbered parallel.

Card prices fluctuate quickly so we use the average of recent raw sale prices from online marketplaces like eBay, MySlabs, and COMC to ensure that each hit card carries a minimum retail value.

Hits vary in value from about $15-$40 CAD and we will insert chasers with much higher values from time to time.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

We use Shopify as our processor and PayWhirl to handle our subscription billing. These are both industry leading applications and they make controlling your subscription as easy as possible, so yes you can cancel at any time. Your invoice email will contain a link to manage your subscription(s).

As always if you have issues with your subscription, just email us at and we will take care of you. We pride ourselves on service!

What makes these different than other subscription boxes?

Quality and integrity. We are avid collectors first and always. We know what we are excited to open and we understand the thrill of finding the big hits.

We are always scouring the market for great boxes and cases to add to our inventory, and fantastic singles to include in our Guaranteed Hits.

Additionally we promise that we will never cherry pick packs. Your packs will always come straight from factory sealed cases or boxes. They are never weighed, selected, or otherwise altered.

How does billing and shipping work?

We ship monthly boxes on the 1st of the month, and weekly boxes on Mondays. Shipping might be one or two days after these dates if there are weekends or holidays. All orders are shipping with tracking and you will receive a tracking number via email.

You are billed on the day you sign up for your subscription, and subsequent billing will be on the day your next shipment is due to ship. You will receive your first box on the first shipping date after your initial payment is processed.

If you want to have your first box shipped immediately, that's no trouble. We always reach out to new subscribers and we are happy to accommodate such a request.

If you have any questions just email us at and we will be happy to help!

Questions about custom printed accessories?

Learn about our custom products and how we can make them perfect for you!

What exactly is 3D printing?

3D printing is another name for additive manufacturing, essentially building an object with the layered addition of material.

The accessories we make are created using FDM technology - Fused Deposition Modeling. It's a process where plastic filament is melted into an extremely thin stream, built up in layers until the object is created, and then cooled in place creating a rigid plastic product.

Can you print in any colour?

Not exactly. The colour of the end product depends on the colour of the filament you start with. The process doesn't change the colour.

The colour swatches on the site are matched to the filament manufacturers colour palette but differences in monitors, pigment batches, etc, means that the colour is an approximation. Exact colour matching isn't something we promise, and we can't do exact matches to team colours.

How long does it take to get my order?

Since all of our products are custom, they are all print-on-demand. Depending on how busy we are your order could print the same day, or a week or two later.

If we expect a longer than usual delay we will notify you when the order is expected to print.

If we ever get too backed up with orders, we will halt sales on custom printed products until the queue is cleared.

Can I return/cancel a custom order?

You can cancel any custom order up to the point where printing has started. Once printing has started the material and time is already invested so we cannot accept returns or cancellations.

How durable are 3D printed products?

3D printed plastics are thermoplastics, meaning that they melt at reasonably low heat levels, this is required for the printing process to work. The plastics we use melt at roughly 180-230C.

Thermoplastics can soften or warp at temps over 50C so don't leave them in a hot car in the summer, otherwise they are quite resilient. To reduce shipping weight and cost, these products are printed partially hollowed which is normal for 3D printed objects. This generally doesn't affect the durability but you might be surprised at how lightweight they are!

What is PLA+? What is PETG?

These are the two plastics we primarily use.

PLA+ is Polylactic Acid, and the '+' indicates a higher-than-normal grade which is more durable and temperature resistant than standard PLA. PLA is derived from vegetable starches and has a relatively low environmental impact. It has an excellent finish and dimensional stability so it is used for most decorative items.

PETG is Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol, and don't even try to pronounce that. PETG is a more flexible plastic, and it is much more heat resistant and durable than PLA. It has extremely strong bonds between layers so it is used in places where PLA may be too brittle, or for products that may experience high loads or extended loads such as wall hangers.