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An important note about 2023-24 Series 1 Hockey
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An important note about 2023-24 Series 1 Hockey

It's come to our attention that there has been a significant QA issue with the release of Upper Deck 2023-24 Series One hockey, specifically it has been confirmed that entire cases of product have been shipped that do not contain any base Young Gun cards.

Given the collector value of Young Guns cards and their expected hit rate of 1:2 packs in this series, missing Young Guns would dramatically affect the overall value of the packs we are including in Hockey Hit Boxes in this and future months.

Since there is no further clarity about how to identify these cases and boxes, we have no idea if the case we have is affected. It seems that the only way to determine if our case is affected is to open one or more packs and confirm that Young Guns are present.

We wanted to inform our customers of this to be fully transparent with you.  Our policy is that we never modify, cherry pick, tamper or select packs, and that every pack from a case or box goes into customer Hit Boxes, and we are forced to make an exception in this case. 

We will remove one box from our case and open as few packs as possible to confirm that a base Young Gun is found.  In the unlikely, but possible, chance that we open a pack and find a case hit, short print, or other valuable insert, it will be immediately added to the hockey Guaranteed Hit Pool, regardless of potential value.

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback about this issue please reach out to us at at any time.  We take our commitment to integrity seriously, and we hope that you understand why we are taking this step, and why we wanted to clearly communicate it to you.

Thank you,

Dave @ Hit Box


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