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March 02, 2024
February Pack Lists and Retro Rip Freebies

Winter is always a drag so this month seems like a great time to add a freebie to all our subscriber boxes.  This month, we are throwing back to 90s...

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Holiday Blaster Blowout Winners!

First of all, thank you once again to our amazing customers who keep us growing with each passing month.  We are so happy to be able to give back with...

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Our next giveaway - the Holiday Blaster Blowout!

Our next giveaway is ready to announce, and it's something special for the winter Holiday season. While our most recent giveaways have featured a single hobby box and a single...

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It's time for another Subscriber Giveaway!

With the continued growth of Hit Box, we are going to continue to give back to our community of valued subscribers. The last giveaway was a great success with our...

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Bedard mania means Hit Box freebies!

August is a huge month for Hockey collectors with the first Connor Bedard cards/redemptions appearing the release of 2023-24 MVP Hockey.  Needless to say, as Hockey fans ourselves, this is...

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