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May one-time purchase Hit Boxes are available for a limited time!

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Bedard mania means Hit Box freebies!
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Bedard mania means Hit Box freebies!

August is a huge month for Hockey collectors with the first Connor Bedard cards/redemptions appearing the release of 2023-24 MVP Hockey.  Needless to say, as Hockey fans ourselves, this is a product we absolutely had to include in September Hockey Hit Boxes.

Having said that, it is a lower-tier set and not something we would normally include in Veteran, All-Star or Hall of Fame boxes so what to do?  Well we decided to give them away!

Every Hockey Hit Box shipped as part of a subscription in September will include at least one MVP pack for free.  To keep things fair for our Baseball, Basketball, Football and Multisport box subscribers, we just happen to have a box of 100 2023 Panini Father's Day packs on hand as well, so those subscribers will receive at least one pack per box as well!

These packs are absolutely free and do not count against your minimum pack count or against the minimum pack value that we include in each box.  When we say 'free' we mean free!

As always, we continue to look for ways to make sure that Hit Boxes are the *best* sports card subscription box.  Stay tuned and stay subscribed for more contests and giveaways!

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