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March 02, 2024
Father's Day Subscription Special!

If you are looking for a gift for a father in your life, or if you are one and looking to give yourself a gift, we've got a gift that...

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A new Tier of Hit Boxes, just premium packs!

When we set out to start our subscription line we focused on volume of packs and value additions, like supplies and guaranteed hits.  While these boxes have been popular, there has...

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All-Star Lineups for June 1st Announced!

June is looking to be a fantastic month for All-Star Hockey and Football Subscribers.  Several new packs are introduced to both boxes, and we are celebrating the launch of NHL...

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Full Football Hit Box Unboxing!

A big thank you goes out to the esteemed Cheddar Bob on Youtube for being the first to take a look at the full set of Football Hit Boxes.  While...

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Good news for June Hockey All-Star Subscribers

We've managed to secure a case of 2021-22 SPx Hockey for Hit Boxes this month, so the June 1st All-Star boxes will all receive a pack!  Alongside 2006-07 Series 1...

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