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May one-time purchase Hit Boxes are available for a limited time!

Hit Box Sports Cards
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A new Tier of Hit Boxes, just premium packs!
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A new Tier of Hit Boxes, just premium packs!

When we set out to start our subscription line we focused on volume of packs and value additions, like supplies and guaranteed hits.  While these boxes have been popular, there has been some feedback around boxes focused on high-value packs and those packs alone.

So, in response to those requests we've created a new tier, Hall of Fame, which provides exactly that.  All higher end packs, no additional add-ons, brought down as close to retail pack pricing as possible.  These boxes will not offer a minimum pack count, instead they will focus or the rare packs and current packs from expensive hobby boxes, and as always the packs will never be searched, weighed or cherry picked.

Hockey, Football and Baseball boxes are ready to go, Basketball will follow once that subscription base increases.


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