2024 Fyre Ballgame Relics

$129.00 CAD

Pickup available at 79 Siskin Bay

Usually ready in 24 hours

Fyre is starting its reign as an affordable trading card option with a homerun, much like the centerpiece of this product did 521 times during his amazing career. The product is Ballgame Relics and it will feature one of the game’s greatest hitters as the focus.

Ted Williams is thought by many to be the game’s greatest hitter and Fyre has amassed over (500) Ted Williams bat/jersey relics to make this product. With only (960) boxes being made, the chances of getting a Teddy Ballgame relic card is nearly 60% in a box.

Williams is not the only great name in the relics available in this product; Jimmie Foxx, Lou Gehrig, Stan Musial and Bob Feller also will be prevalent.

Every box has (12) cards.

Included in each box is:
- (2) HITS (relic card, manufacturer autographed card or Topps Project 2020 or Project 70)
- (1) serial-numbered card #/199 or less - with more than a few #/25 or less
- (4) base cards with possible Artist Proofs, SP, SSP and photo variations
- (1) serial-numbered card #/200 or more OR another base card
- (4) modern superstar cards including:
Mike Trout
Juan Soto
Bryce Harper
Aaron Judge,
Fernando Tatis
Vlad Guerrero, Jr.

With so many options for the modern collector, announcing a new company becomes a daunting task. Fyre is a sister company of Historic Autographs, a different company with different goals in mind for collectors. The main goal of Fyre is to provide new options to collectors with low-print run editions using authentic relics and real autographs. Fyre will continue legacy product lines that HA had previously made such as The Art of Baseball, Federal League and Champions as well as single edition cut signature cards like The Steak and .406 (Ted Williams’ 1941 season).

At times, Fyre will issue re-pack products but only if it meets the standards set forth by the parent company, Historic Autographs. Fyre will always put the collectors first, focusing on making a fun, interesting products that will hold their value in the market. Fyre’s relic card and autographs will come with the same trust-worthy commitment and guarantee that customers have come to know about HA. No “period” relics; all items will have a distinct and real connection to those featured on the card.

Produced in conjunction with Historic Autograph & Card Co.