Upper Deck

2021-22 Upper Deck Ice Blaster Box

$35.00 CAD

Pickup available at 79 Siskin Bay

Usually ready in 24 hours

This box features 6 packs with 5 cards per pack.

BOX BREAK (on average)
4 Base Set and/or Base Set Rookies Gold Parallel Cards (Blaster Exclusive Cards!)
3 Base Set Rookies Cards
3 Base Set and/or Base Set Rookies Green Parallel Cards

- All Autographs are Hard-Signed
- Expanded Base Set
- Seven Parallels of the Regular Base Set, Including the Blaster Exclusive Gold Parallel
- Blaster Exclusive Ice Premieres - Blue Parallel Rookie Acetate Cards (#’d to 599)
- Two New Insert Sets

Expanded Base Set! Collect the complete 250-card base set consisting of 100 veterans, 50 regular rookies and 100 Ice Premieres - Blue Parallel acetate rookies #d to 599.

Collect up to seven incredible parallels of the regular base set cards, highlighted by the hard-signed White Snowflake Auto parallel, the Jersey parallel and the Blaster Exclusive Gold parallel.

Collect four Gold parallels per box, on average!

New Inserts!

2021-22 Upper Ice sports two new insert sets:

- Ice Crystals: This is a die-cut set featuring top veterans and rookies.
- Shrines: This new insert is comprised of three subsets: Stars, Rookies and Legends. Each card features an acetate bottom layer and a rainbow foilboard top layer, and a facsimile signature.

More Acetate Cards!

Keep an eye out for rare Ice Premieres Jersey acetate rookie cards.

Autograph & Memorabilia Cards
Base Set - Jersey Parallel 1:168
Base Set - White Snowflake Auto Parallel 1:640
Base Set Rookies - Jersey Parallel 1:168
Base Set Rookies - White Snowflake Auto Parallel 1:320
Ice Premieres - Jersey Parallel (Tier 1) 1:150
Ice Premieres - Jersey Parallel (Tier 2) 1:600

Non-Auto/Mem Insert Cards
Ice Crystals (New!) 1:12
Ice Crystals Rookies (New!) 1:27
Shrines Stars (New!) 1:144
Shrines Rookies (New!) 1:144
Shrines Legends (New!) 1:288

Non-Auto/Mem Base Set Cards
Base Set (1-100) N/A
Base Set - Green Parallel 1:3
Base Set - Gold Parallel (Blaster Exclusive!) 1:3
Base Set - Orange Parallel 1:18
Base Set - Lavender Parallel 1:36
Base Set - Ice Blue Parallel 1:360
Base Set Rookies (101-150) 1:2
Base Set Rookies - Green Parallel 1:6
Base Set Rookies - Gold Parallel (Blaster Exclusive!) 1:5
Base Set Rookies - Orange Parallel 1:36
Base Set Rookies - Lavender Parallel 1:72
Base Set Rookies - Ice Blue Parallel 1:720
Ice Premieres - Blue Parallel (151-250) (Blaster Exclusive!) #d to 599