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Sports Card Subscription Box: Why It's a Great Value
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Sports Card Subscription Box: Why It's a Great Value

As a sports card collector, there's nothing quite like the excitement of opening a fresh pack of cards and discovering a new addition to your collection. But what if you could get that feeling on a regular basis, without having to scour the internet or visit multiple stores to find the packs you're looking for? That's where a sports card subscription box comes in.

At, we offer a subscription box service that delivers a curated selection of sports card packs right to your doorstep each month. Here are just a few reasons why we believe a subscription box is a great value for collectors:

  1. Convenience: With a subscription box, you get to sample new packs every month without needing to find in-stock boxes or stores that are splitting out packs. Our team of collectors hand-picks each pack in our boxes, so you can be sure you're getting a selection of high-quality, in-demand packs without having to do the legwork.

  2. Variety: One of the great things about a subscription box is that you never know exactly what you're going to get. Our boxes include a mix of high-value premium packs from brands like Upper Deck, Topps, and Panini as well as some fun rips. It's a great way to expand your collection and discover new cards you might not have found otherwise.

  3. Value: When you sign up for a  sports card subscription box, you'll get a chance to rip packs from some expensive hobby boxes for a fraction of the price of buying a hobby box of your own. We buy at wholesale prices from national distibutors at the case level to keep costs as low as possible.  With free shipping, your Hit Box will usually cost less than buying individual packs at retail.  

At, we're passionate about sports card collecting and we're committed to providing our subscribers with a great value. We offer different subscription levels to fit every budget, and we also have a store where you can purchase retail or hobby boxes if you prefer.

Ready to join the community and start receiving your own Hit Boxes? Check out our subscription options to learn more and sign up. Don't forget to follow us on social media for the latest updates and sneak peeks of what's coming in future boxes!

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