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July One-Time Boxes are available!

Hit Box Sports Cards
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The first orders are rolling in, and the shelves are filling up rapidly.  Since we will be providing both subscription and one-off purchases of Hit Boxes, inventory will always be on hand to fulfill orders.

What's being stocked now is what we consider 'core' products for boxes.  Some products like Donruss and Classics H2 Football are going to be frequently used in Rookie and Veteran boxes, but we are always on the search for interesting older boxes, case finds, and other opportunity buys to keep your subscriptions different and interesting.

We are just waiting for the final business and tax filings to complete before we can open for business.  At this time we expect to be fully operational in the first week of April, with the first monthly subscriptions rolling out in May.

Thank you for following along as we gear up for go-live!

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