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March 02, 2024

Share your Hits!

Decemeber Hockey Guaranteed Hits

Cold December weather means hot Hockey Guaranteed Hits! Check out the latest editions to the pool:  

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Another 1/1 Golden Treasures Pulled!

Congrats to Mike on this Alex DeBrincat Golden Treasures Auto, pulled alongside an Obsidian Black Gold Owen Power rookie patch in his very first Hall of Fame Hit Box!Mike discovered...

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Big restock of Guaranteed Hits!

The end of May and beginning of June were very busy here at Hit Box, so we temporarily halted sales of All-Star hit boxes while we restocked on Guaranteed hit...

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We have sent out dozens of review boxes since, as a new business, getting our name out there is important for us.  We expected reviewers to have some nice pulls,...

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Another great hit!

Packer Cards 87 is a great channel for Football breaks, and part of the duo over at Barbell Breaks as well.  He was kind enough to review a set of...

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Another nice review hit!

We were really happy to send a review box out to TSG Cards who is a content creator that I'm personally a fan of.  We fired off a Rookie Hockey Hit...

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June Hockey Guaranteed Hit Additions

Hockey Hit Boxes are moving quickly, and we keep restocking Guaranteed Hits every month.  This next restock includes some Young Guns, both recent and older, a new SPx Case Hit...

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